Наково-практичне видання
Незалежний АУДИТОР

Practical science edition «Independent AUDITOR»
Included in the List of scientific professional editions of Ukraine for Economics according to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 654 of 31.05.2013
Publication frequency is one issue per quarter

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A professional organization is a kind of association uniting citizens.

The association of citizens or a number of professional associations whose members are knowledgeable in any particular field is the consolidated civil movement that incorporates separate public organizations, not accountable to any professional body, yet interacting with each other. They steer efforts, ingenuity, vigor and enthusiasm of specialists with proficiencies in one particular area for taking part in creative activity and thus reducing tension within the civil society, what undoubtedly has a positive social impact.

In the democratic society beneficial effects can be obtained only if, firstly, there is the so called “critical mass” of non-governmental organizations which seek no profit but have influence on professional and public decision-making processes and, secondly, if there is a thumping majority of public organizations that do not maintain antagonistic views on how to reach the goal.

Professional non-governmental associations are often called «analytical centers» or «brain’s centers», which lay the foundation for the development of the democratic civil society, and are a decisive stabilizing factor, guarantor of the democratic advancement of the society.

It is worth noting that professional organizations involve specialists highly skilled in various fields to carry out researches, case studies, that is why their «intellectual product» differs in quality and they are known for top notch practical science solutions. Non-commercial partnership between professional organizations, business, high educational institutions and civil servants at all levels is now spreading more widely, and this shows that the democratic civil movement succeeds in engaging the interest and support of professionals putting into practice their prominent ideas and encouraging changes to government regulations!

We hope that the Ukrainian professional associations closely tied up with accounting and audit will initiate consolidation processes to facilitate development of accounting, audit, legal expertise in Ukraine, and accordingly, government regulation, and that they will finally reach a “critical mass” and be able to really influence the processes in the society and professional field.

Professional organizations in Ukraine should play a significant role in the process of developing the system of values which should be holistic and harmonious– for personality, group, and society. An important role should be assigned to the association of professionals in view of their intellectual and creative potential, what can help monitor, quest and find out how to tackle and efficiently solve economic and social challenges the society faces.

Международная общественная организация Совет независимых бухгалтеров и аудиторов (СНБА)

Совет независимых бухгалтеров и аудиторов (СНБА) - неприбыльная организация, созданная с целью объединения усилий бухгалтеров и аудиторов для содействия реформированию и развитию бухгалтерского учета и аудита в Украине с учетом процессов Европейской интеграции, усовершенствования налогового законодательства и защите законных профессиональных, социальных и других общих интересов своих членов.

Громадська організація «Незалежна науково-дослідна експертна спілка»

Громадська організація «Незалежна науково-дослідна експертна спілка» є самоврядною професійною громадською організацією, яка об’єднує на добровільних засадах судових експертів, юристів, економістів та інших фахівців на основі спільності інтересів своїх Членів для реалізації мети та завдань.

Ukrainian Public Organization "Ukrainian accounting club"

Ukrainian accounting club (UAC) - a non-profit professional society of accountants in Ukraine, founded in 2005 is the only organization in Ukraine, uniting accountants, government workers, lawyers and auditors. All members of the UAC constantly improve their qualifications, eager to make their business successful, and Ukraine – rich.