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Department of Accounting at SHEE "Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman"

Since the time of establishing the department is headed by Doctor of Economics, Professor Yurii Kuzminskyi. Scientist and organizer, author of over 120 scientific papers, which put a lot of effort into filling the department with teachers of highest qualifications and developing the modern teaching guidance for scientific courses. The deputies are to help the head of Department with the administration work: in teaching and methodological support - PhD in Economics, Associate Professor Oksana Vasylyvna Isay, in science and research support – PhD in Economics, Associate Professor Yuzef Anastasiyovych Hoptynskyi.

Targeted personnel policy of the head of Department to create a favorable psychological microclimate, relationships of amiability and mutual help allowed fulfilling the significant scientific potential of the teaching staff during 10 years period. Thus, at the time of establishing the share of PhDs in economics and associate professors of the total number of teachers at the Department was 68% and 50%, respectively. Currently, these indicators have reached the maximum level of 100%!

Department of Accounting reserves one of the leading positions in the university, as it provides theoretical and practical knowledge in accounting for bachelors from faculties with non-accounting majors, and Master’s degree students of Accounting and Economics Faculty in all modes of study.

The staff of Department of Accounting is the youngest at the Accounting and Economics Faculty (average age of teachers is 45 years old). At present, the Department has 19 teachers, including 2 Doctors of economic sciences, professors (Y.A. Kuzminskyi, I.K. Drozd) and 17 PhDs (L.I. Babii, T.A. Bondar, M.O. Voronova, I.A. Gerasimovich, V.I. Dovbush, O.V. Isay, P.Y. Nechay, L.A. Nicolenko, O.R. Ohramovych, G.V. Pystovit, O.V. Samborskyi, S.V. Sahova, T.O. Tokareva (honored worker of the University), Y.A. Hoptynskyi, T.V. Cherednichenko, A.V. Chiuk). By the way, it is the only Department at the university with such scientific level of the teaching staff. Among teachers there are certified accountants by CIPA program, and certified auditors, almost all teachers are certified by 1C: Professional. T.M. Velichko (honored worker of the university) is working as a senior laboratory assistant for ten years. Unfortunately, due to retirement age the teachers L.E. Beradze, L.O. Galat and L.V. Zhilkina are no longer working at the Department.

The department trains professionals in educational qualification of Bachelor and Master degree in major courses in Accounting and Audit in full-time, evening and distance forms of study. Training is carried out using modern innovative technology.

Undergraduate and graduate students at KNEU are taught such scientific courses as Accounting, Accounting using application solutions of 1C: Accounting, Accounting of foreign economic activity.

The modern level of knowledge of students from each of the courses is provided by the certain complexes, including development of teachers in electronic form, which, inter alia, include:

  • Syllabus and study programs;
  • Training materials on the content and organization of individual work of students, current and final control of their knowledge;
  • Course certificate in Accounting using application solutions 1C: Accounting

In order to train high level professionals in accounting in master degree, for passing undergraduate student practice, training the teachers the Department established permanent relations and signed agreements with numerous enterprises and institutions. In particular, such an agreement was signed with the State Enterprise "Antonov" and a branch of Department of Accounting have been organized there. Such an agreement was reached with the Association "Accounting house "SOVA" and VCC "Balance Club".

Graduates of the Department are working successfully as teachers in high educational institutions, colleges, as chief accountants of the leading enterprises of different form of ownership and economic activities, in audit firms and prestigious positions in the state tax service, the State Financial Inspection, and banks.

Today's dynamic business environment and its strengthening innovative component and, therefore, continuous, objective driven improvement process in accounting, in particular its the division by law into financial and internal business control (managerial control), implementation of R(S)A, IAS and IFRS, Tax Code with the following numerous amendments require each teacher for continuous improvement of professional skills.

The main areas of development in educational and training skills of the teaching staff of the Department we may note:

involvement of all teachers with continuous improvement (upgrade) of teaching of the study process (study programs, guides for individual work, content and form of consulting work, the assessment of acquired knowledge, etc.);

systematic exchange of professional experiences, in particular by visiting lectures and practical classes, followed by discussion at faculty meetings for topical issues and positive achievements;

deepening the innovation component of the educational process, the use of modern methods of teaching, particularly in the form of topical application in terms of mini-workshops, business games, case methods, etc. An additional factor in ensuring competitive advantage of future professional - graduates of KNEU has to be a certified program - practical solutions "1C: Accounting 8" established since 2013 in the educational process;

scientific supervising the master's degree thesis, doctoral and post-doctoral theses. Virtually all teachers are supervisors of master's degree thesis of students – graduates of Accounting and Economics Faculty. Most teachers with academic rank of associate professor and professor are supervision (consulting) scientific researches in the form of master's degree thesis theses;

to monitor the3 current and expected changes in legal acts in the professional area the Department receives 7 types of specialized publications for free, including: a monthly edition for auditors, legal experts, accountants and lawyers - "Independent Auditor" and a quarterly theoretical and practical edition - "Independent Auditor", Ukrainian accounting journals "Balance", "Balansagro", "Balance the budget" and others.

An important component of the teachers’ activity of the Department is research work that focuses on the study of theoretical, methodological and methodical, organizational and applied issues for improvement of accounting, analysis and audit in Ukraine in the context of the theory of modern economics and creative synthesis of existing trends in the accounting and analytical support for strategic and tactical management of businesses.

Significant achievement of scientific activity of the Department of Accounting is the number of defended theses, comprising 22 papers, including 2 post-doctoral and 20 doctoral.

Currently, 21 scientist of doctoral and post-doctoral level continue their studies and researches at the Department (5 people for post-doctoral and 16 people for doctoral study).

The department is in a fruitful scientific cooperation with the Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian accounting club" (vice-chairman in the Science and Education activity is Y.A. Kuzminskyi) and the journal "Balance" (participation in annual meetings, round tables, and conducting national competitions of research works of students and young scientists – professionals in accounting, participation in the Ukrainian annual accounting congresses, etc.). The ongoing productive research relationships with leading economic universities of Ukraine and abroad are developed. The experience gained is used when writing educational materials, research papers, manuals, tutorials, presentations at conferences and seminars, providing guidance and suggestions on training for professionals and new regulations in accounting, control and audit.

Thus, 52 scientific and methodical works were published only in 2012. The Department established Research and Information Section, which is reviewing scientific articles of teachers and post-graduate students prepared for publishing, and provides preliminary defense of theses at its meetings.

In total, during ten years the teachers of the Department prepared on materials of scientific research and published in professional journals, conference materials more than 400 articles, 2 monographs and 3 manuals.

During its first decade of working the teaching staff of the Department of Accounting can be proud of its academic and teaching achievements. There is great prospective and desire for further fruitful work and implementation of creative ideas, including international ones.

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