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Department of Accounting and Audit for Business Activities at Kryvyi Rih Economic Institute SHEE “Kryvyi Rih National University”

Department of Accounting and Audit for Business Activities is a subdivision of the Kryvyi Rih Economic Institute SHEE “Kryvyi Rih National University”. Today it is the oldest and most experienced center for training professionals in modern accounting and audit in the region. The Department was established in 1984 under the name “Department of Economics and Statistics”, providing the teaching of basic economic courses in the faculties. Many times its name was changed due to training of professionals in accordance with market demand, increasing the number of subjects that were taught, and improving the educational process: Department of Accounting, Control and Analysis of Economic Activity (1988), Accountancy and Audit (1994), Accounting and Audit (1998). Since 2013 the Department is called Accounting and Audit for Business Activities.

Since its establishment it was headed by Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Economics Bykova T.M., an experienced and highly qualified scientist and professional in economic field. In 2002, the position was occupied by Professor, Doctor of Economics Napadovskaya L.V., 2003 - Associate Professor, Ph.D. Osmyatchenko L.M. Since 2012, the Department is headed by Professor Andrii V. Shaykan. His scientific activity is devoted to research on the concept issues of accounting in the strategic management of a modern enterprise.

Teaching staff of the Department is represented by 16 experienced professionals in their fields. The scientific resources of the Department include Ph.D.s in Economics, Associate Professors Kryshtopa I.I., Kondratiuk O.M., Shuleshko A.V., Konovalova O.V., Rudenko O.V., Turylo A.A., Shehovtsova V.V., Volkov D.P., Maximova A.V. An important part in academic life of the Department is the defense of the doctoral dissertation of Acting Dean of the Faculty of Accounting and Economics, Sergii V. Hushko, whose achievement is the result of research on the issue of management information systems in accounting, analysis and audit. Qualifications of the teachers are constantly improving through strengthening research capabilities and enhancing professional level. They are active in scientific area. Today, five teachers are working on Ph.D. research; two teachers are working on their doctoral dissertations.

The important part of scientific life of the Department is that its establishment and development took place in the years when Kryvyi Rih Economic Institute was part of the State Higher Educational Establishment “Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman”. This is what enabled the academic staff of the Department to grow and get stronger in the scientific community of the leading economic universities of the country. Scientific supervisors, who  consulted the researches of the Department’s staff, in different years were Academician Chumatchenko M.G., professors Kuzhelnyy M.V., Kuzminskyi A.M., Kuzminskyi Y.A., Gerasimovich A.M., Kindratska L.M., Kireytsev G.G., Linnik V.G., Zavgorodniy V.P., Mnich E.V., Sopko V.V., Svirko S.V., Petryk O.A., Savchenko V.Y. Today the Department continues developing in a spirit of scientific traditions and aspirations of SHEE “KNEU named after Vadym Hetman”, keeping close relationship with its Alma mater.

The scientific prospects of the Department also implemented through participation in international and national conferences, publication papers and teaching materials, publication of books, textbooks and monographs. The Department implemented a plan for training through internships in enterprises, institutions and organizations. The research work on the state budget theme of Accounting, Analysis and Audit in the management system of financial and economic activities of enterprises under globalization (2009-2014) is performed at the Department.

Teaching the students corresponds with developed educational and professional programs, on their structure and content comply with the current requirements of the Ministry and provide training of highly qualified professionals at three degrees: Bachelor, Specialist and Master. Master’s degrees have two programs: Accounting and Audit in the Management of Business Activities, Accounting and Audit in the Management of Banks. Training is under full-time and part-time study modes. Students study at the state budget’s expense and on a contract (commercial) basis.

To meet the demand of the labor market for economists in the major course of Accounting, Analysis and Audit, the Faculty for training and retraining was established, where the Department provides training on the basis of higher education on a major in Accounting, analysis and audit with the qualification of Economist.

Today, the Department of Accounting and Audit for Business Activities provides over forty disciplines in the professional cycle of training, having full methodical complex, constantly updated.

Recently, the Department is widely implementing the progressive learning technologies in educational process. Teachers develop and successfully implement new interactive technology that enhances learning process and interest in learning from students. Students have the opportunity to use information resources: databases, training and supervisory systems, digital libraries, which, together with traditional textbooks and teaching guides, create a unique distributed learning environment available to a wider audience. Modern information systems: League-law, BEST-REPORT PLUS, 1C, GALAXY are used in the learning process, which enables students to receive a broad base of knowledge in this area.

The department has its own information and education portal: http://www.kneu.dp.ua/koa. The information and educational resource of the Department based on a Modular object-oriented environment for active learning (MOODLE) (http://www.kneu.dp.ua/moodle-new/login/) provides the electronic workshops and business games, modular control, colloquia, workshops, information about conferences, round tables, quickly reflect current progress of students, etc.

Important role at the Department belongs to the organization of the educational and undergraduate practices as means of consolidating and deepening theoretical knowledge acquired by the students in the learning process, development and acquisition of practical skills of independent work in the chosen field. According to Master’s degree programs and training programs for Specialist’s degree the field for practices are industrial enterprises, as well as financial and credit institutions and accounting firms.

Graduates of the Department are in constant demand as experts in accounting, who occupy positions as leading professionals in audit firms, tax administration, control and revision offices, establish and head private companies in various activities. The combination of in-depth knowledge and practical experience makes graduates in accountaning competitive in the labor market in the region and beyond.

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