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The Department of Economic Analysis. Accounting Economic Faculty. Odesa

Department of Economic Analysis functions on the Accounting Economic Faculty and prepares professionals with higher education in programs of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in economics. The curriculum includes learning disciplines that provides future professionals with knowledge in the analysis of the activity of traditional and new forms of management, analytical evaluation of enterprise performance and efficiency of the production and financial resources, assessing the level of competitiveness, financial risk, economic security business entities and others.

The Department of Economic Analysis presents eleven topical subjects: economic analysis, analysis of economic activities in the sectors of the economy, financial analysis, organization and methods of economic analysis, organization and methods of economic analysis in agriculture, strategic analysis, models and methods of decision-making, financial statements, basics of scientific research and teaching methodology of economic disciplines, management analysis, business analysis of tourism enterprises, economic security analysis of the company.

Two master's programs are at the Department: “The economic analysis of business entities” (scientific field), and "The analysis in the fields of economy" (professional field).

The Department provides Ph.D. programs in full-time and correspondence modes of study, effectively working for the preparation of highly qualified scientists and future teachers of higher educational institutions.

The Department of Economic Analysis traces its history from the Department of the Analysis of Economic Activity, founded in 1966. Back in the post-war years the Institute of National Economy has started training professionals in major “The technique and accounting in the State Bank”. This has raised the level of organization and methods of educational process, development of scientific-research work in the field of accounting theory, economic control and management of production and financial activities in the sectors of economy.

In terms of objective necessity in improving the analysis of economic activity, as one of the functions of management, on the one hand and as an economic science, on the other hand, there was a need for research on theoretical foundations of business analysis techniques and practical analysis. These tasks were assigned to the new Department of Analysis of Economic Activity, which was created before the 1966-1967 academic year by the decision of the Academic Council of the Institute. Appointed head of the new Department was a known expert, author of many scientific and methodological works in analysis of economic activity, Associate Professor, later Professor Mark Romanovich Kovbasyuk. Later the Department was headed by: in the years 1971-1973 - Professor V.F. Palii, in the years 1974-1976 - Assistant Professor D.F. Romanenkov, in 1977- 1983 - Assistant Professor A.V. Sosnovskyi, in the years 1984-1986 - Assistant Professor F.F. Fomin, in 1987-1991 - Assistant Professor, then Professor A.I. Kovalev, in the years 1991-2008 - Professor A.V. Sosnovskyi, in the years 2008-2012 - Assistant Professor N.A. Volkova, since 2013 - Professor I.K. Drozd.

Today, the teaching staff is formed of highly qualified teachers, including 1 Doctor of Economics, 9 Ph.D.s of Economics, Associate Professors, 3 senior lecturers, and 5 Ph.D. students. All the methodical work of the Department is aimed at improving the quality of training of highly qualified economists and analysts. Over the past decade, a group of teachers of the Department prepared and published 2 monographs, 3 textbooks for students and teachers in economics with the stamp of MESU and more than 60 methodical instructions for students of all modes of learning. The teaching of all subjects is performed using interactive teaching methods. Distance learning is widely used.

Department pays special attention to the scientific field, which is associated with the rehabilitation of industrial and financial activity of enterprises in various sectors of the economy. In particular, it’s in the context of state budget theme: "Analytical methods for studying the competitiveness of business entities". Teaching staff are active in the development of multiple-choice strategy of food processing and agricultural enterprises, in the study of the complex analytic features of activities of wholesale and retail trade, banking, examines the economic aspects of the operation of enterprises of hotel, restaurant and exhibition business, etc.

Scientific developments of the Department were proved at scientific conferences, reflected in scientific monographs, articles, theses of scientific reports. They are used by undergraduate students during mastering disciplines that are taught at the department, master students use it during writing their final works to improve the components of scientific novelty of their research.

Department of Economic Analysis has a good tradition of organizational and methodical, scientific and educational work, as well as good prospects for further development.

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