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Practical science edition «Independent AUDITOR»
Included in the List of scientific professional editions of Ukraine for Economics according to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 654 of 31.05.2013
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Department of Humanities and Economic Disciplines of North Caucasian branch of the Federal State Budget Institution of Higher Professional Education Belgorod State Shukhov Technological University

The Department was established in 2005 according to the decision of the Academic Council of the Belgorod State Shukhov Technological University. The Department provides training of professionals in the fields: 080502 - Economy and Management in Enterprises (by fields), 080109 – Accounting, Analysis and Audit, and majors: 080100 - Economics, 080200 - Management.

Department is headed by Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor Svetlana A. Fursova.

77 % of the teachers of the Department have academic degrees and titles. The academic staff of the Department includes high-level professionals who have theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of accounting, analysis and audit. Teachers of the Department are actively involved in scientific conferences at the international and regional levels, the results of which are published in scientific papers. Teachers of the Department actively combine educational and research practice.

The Department’s staff:

Mikhail S. Malyh - Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Department; Yurii A. Doroshenko – Doctor of Economics, Professor; Anatoly A. Rudychev - Doctor of Economics, Professor; Janet S. Shikhaliyeva - Doctor of Economics, Professor; Irina A. Kuznetsova - Ph.D. in Economics, Professor; Lilia S. Zerkaleva - Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor; Svetlana M. Naumenko - Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor, graduate of accounting school of science of A.N. Kuzminskii at Kiev D.S.Korotchenko Institute of National Economy; Igor B. Samukhin - Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor; Natalia Y. Pervova - Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor; Irina A. Ilyashenko - Ph.D. in Agriculture, Associate Professor; Svetlana V. Volkova - Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor; Evgenia P. Nikiforova - Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor; Larisa N. Kravchenko - Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor; Elena V. Arskaya - Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor; Yuriy I. Katunin - Senior Lecturer; Lyubov V. Tsyferova - Senior Lecturer; Anna G. Sukhorukova - Senior Lecturer; Irina Y. Chuprova - Senior Lecturer; Olga Y. Pekarchuk - teacher; Irina V. Koroleva - teacher; Natalia I. Shendrik - teacher; Elita S. Tabolova - Ph.D. in Pedagogies, Associate Professor; Marina V. Halina - Ph.D. in Economics, Senior Lecturer.

The main scientific area of the Department of Humanities and Economic Disciplines are economic models of functioning of industries and enterprises of the construction materials industry and construction in a market economy and regional economic policy.

The main purpose of providing educational activities of the Department is training of highly qualified managers-economists.

Department of Humanities and Economic Disciplines constantly performs research work, both of theoretical and applied nature.

Department has strong connections with industrial enterprises, industry organizations, with graduates working in various areas of management.

With participation of teachers of the Department of main institution and NCB of BSSTU 19 manuals, textbooks and guides and 13 monographs were prepared and published.

A series of articles are published in the central scientific and economic journals "Russian business", "Innovation", "Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice", "Independent Auditor" and others, as well as proceedings of scientific papers and conferences. In NCB BSSTU annually holds scientific-practical conference "Young Science at the University of Technology", round tables, scientific seminars on economic issues with the participation of leading professionals from enterprises and organizations of the corresponding area.

Students develop active research in their majors under the supervision of the academic staff of the Department, whose main tasks are:

  • ensuring usage of the results of student research in the educational process;
  • to attract students to innovate, developing the ability to develop scientific research to the level of its implementation;
  • timely informing the students about the planned scientific conferences, competitions, exhibitions, etc. and the possibility of participating in them.

Students majoring at 080502 - Economy and Management in Enterprises (by fields) repeatedly participated in scientific conferences, round tables organized by other universities in the region and Russia.

Graduates majoring 080502 Economy and Management in Enterprises (by fields), 080109 Accounting and Audit and majors: 080100 Economics, 080200 Management, do not have problems with employment. The volume of knowledge acquired during training, the overall high level of training enable graduates to adapt quickly to the conditions of practice, successfully solve complex economic and administrative problems, which provides a quick professional development.

The objects of professional activity of graduates are:

  • Business sectors of the economy of various legal forms, their structural production and functional units;
  • infrastructure objects of the company;
  • planning organizations;
  • research institutions;
  • educational institutions;
  • government bodies and local authorities.

Scientific activities and learning processes are connected with the request of the main enterprises of the Stavropol Territory, such as LLC Steklostroy, JSC UMC Mineralovodskoe, Additional office of VTB 24, Construction Company LLC Kavminstroy, JSC Stavroplast, LLC Sodruzhestvo Holding, LLC PMK- 21, JSC Sen-Gobain Kavminsteklo, LLC Stroitrans, JSC Tsigel, etc. An example of this is the use of applied research and its implementation in the educational process in such courses as: planning at the enterprise, business valuation and wages in enterprises, business ventures, etc.

Over the past five years (2009-2013) 243 students graduated with this major course.

Department regularly receives letters with positive feedback and requests for employment. Heads of several companies define a high level of economic training and qualifications of graduates, their business and human qualities, so the majority of graduates are employed at the stage of writing the graduate thesis.