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Practical science edition «Independent AUDITOR»
Included in the List of scientific professional editions of Ukraine for Economics according to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 654 of 31.05.2013
Publication frequency is one issue per quarter

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We accept science and practical science manuscripts, written in Ukrainian or Russian  and necessarily English, that have not been previously published in other editions. Submitted manuscripts may not be under editorial review of other editions.

Author, co-author (hereafter - author) who intends to publish a manuscript that meets the requirements, that are set out in the appropriate section of this site, send the text of the manuscript (formatting .doc, .txt) in editorial office's email address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. edition.ua in order to review it and (subject to approval) confirm for publication.


For the publication of the article you will need to submit the following:

1.Cover letter signed by Author (s) stating that the submitted manuscript was not previously published and is not simultaneously submitted to other publications.

2.Author(s)’s full name, contact number and email are submitted separately, along with a personal page on the university’s website (with Author’s consent), to appear in the journal.

3.Photographs should be submitted in separate files:

  • minimum size in pixels – 350х470;
  • situation - full face;
  • background should not blend in with the clothes or hair (clothes not black nor white).

4.File with the text of the article.

5.Scanned copies of the passport and ITIN - pages 1, 2, as well as registration address (for contract execution).


The manuscript is considered to be submitted on the date of receipt the e-mail with an indication of the registration number of the submitted manuscript, which is used to identify it.

Subject to approved the submitted version of the manuscript sent by Author, editorial office informs him about the possible date of publication and number of edition, up to which a manuscript may be approved for publication.


Author pays the editorial office the cost of publishing services in the amount of 400.00 UAH for publication of a manuscript in the journal "Practical science edition " Independent Auditor ". Payment is arranged by the Author according to the established order of payment that is posted on the web site or against invoice only after completion of peer review of a manuscript by editorial office of the journal and recommending it to the press.

The cost of a publication can be changed by the editorial office unilaterally irrespective of the causes and without notice by indicating the relevant changes on the web site.

The editorial office doesn't pay Authors for providing and placing manuscripts on pages of edition.


Author confirms permission to publish the article by filling in the appropriate form of implementation of effecting payment for publication in accordance with established procedures on the web site after receiving the message (indicating the registration number and edition number) from the editorial office about readiness to publish the submitted article.


Editors reserve for them the right to reduce and edit insignificantly the manuscript with preservation of the main conclusions and original style. The identity of the reviewers for each manuscript cannot be  disclosed to third parties or author under any circumstances. Manuscripts submitted by authors for publication in the journal "Practical science edition" Independent Auditor " cannot be published in any other publications.

Authors of published material are responsible for the adequacy of facts, quotes, proper names, place names, business names and other information. The views expressed in these manuscripts do not necessarily coincide with the views of the editorial board.

Editors  reserve the right to reject and return the Author's manuscript, which one in the editorial board's opinion does not coincide with programme objectives and topics, required for publication in the journal "Practical science publication" Independent Auditor " or has a negative review, without explaining the reasons for this decision.

Manuscripts, published in "Practical science publication" Independent Auditor ", will be published as .PDF files on the web site of the magazine in English. Thus, all visitors will be able to read these articles any time.


Editorial office publish Author's articles carried on following contractual basis:

  • editorial office send an Author an email about its readiness to provide publication service after approval the Author's article;
  • the Author, who paid for the editorial office's services (according to the  form established on the web site) confirms the acceptance of publication services, and also that he/she has no claims against it regarding services quality, is familiar with the editorial policy and the form of  publication, established by the editorial office and designated on the web site;
  • services are considered provided by the editorial office from the date of publication of edition number, in which was published the Author's manuscript.